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Here's a little story on how we traveled to Mallorca, Spain, how we managed to eat plant-based diet in such a place and stay healthy in motion!

It was a nine day trip there and cost us approximately 900€ in total. We bought plane tickets and accommodation separately, since it was most convenient and affordable for us. Two plane tickets were about 250€ in total back-and-forth and the accommodation for seven days was 300€(without meals). We stayed in Alcudia in Bellevue big 3* hotel complex. Room itself was very casual, not anything spectacular but the thing we were after was good price and a kitchen place where we could cook our own food every day.

Staying plant-based and healthy

In a such touristy place where most of the restaurants were either English breakfast, Irish breakfast or German food, finding a vegan plant-based place is tricky or very limited,almost impossible. That is why choosing accommodation with kitchen is ideal and also saves a lot of money, and most importantly, your health!

All you have to do is find a grocery store nearby and you're good to go! Small supermarket Lidl with decent variety of options of fresh veggies, fruits was 20 minute walk from our place which was just perfect!

Mallorca offers lots of things to do and see for every day. We hiked the mountains there, adventured in nature reserve park, rowed a boat through city canals and went for a little sea voyage. Supported local farmers by buying their fresh goodies from old town of Alcudia farmers market, dipped ourselves in cool, salty sea water and enjoyed the sun. To get a full sense of the whole Island, you would need months to explore it all! The views were spectacular and people were very friendly and helpful.

All the days were very warm and sunny, I'd say 25°C on avarage, especially for us coming from Estonia when during May we still had some snow and minus degrees at nights. Got some tan and lots of D vitamin:).

We wish to go back there one day and experience the non-tourist lives more!

Mallorca, Old town of Alcudia

Yvonne at Old town of Alcúdia

Mallorca, Old town of Alcudia

The old town was full of pastel houses

Parc Natural de s'Albufera

At a nature reserve, wetland Parc Natural de s'Albufera

Mallorca, nature reserve Parc Natural de s'Albufera

Feeding the horses at nature reserve park

Little walk at beautiful Cala Carbo bay, Cala Sant Vicenç

Little walk at beautiful Cala Carbo bay, Cala Sant Vicenç


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