Bog hiking

This little adventure took place in a bog called Marimetsa. Fun fact: over 20% of Estonia is covered in swamps and bogs, which means there are lots of untouched natural and beautiful places, which I encourage you to check them out for yourself! 

Hike is 9km back and forth with nice maintained boardwalk. There are benches to rest or snack in-between the hike like we did, so bring your fruits and veggies to enjoy with your pals under the sunshine 🙂

9km hike in marimetsa bog

The weather was very warm and sunny, but not too hot! Make sure to bring water, because swamp water is not drinkable, trust me 😀

a little rest in the bog

walking in the bog

If you have never tried walking on a bog flora, then I strongly suggest you try it out! It was so squishy and wet yet refreshing to your feet, it felt like a massage. But be careful, you might sink in a little and some places are not walkable at all so be cautious! 

You might see yellowish-orange berries that look like raspberry or blackberry along the path. Pick them up and shove them down your throat, they are delicious! We call them 'Murakad' in Estonian, but you can call them Cloudberries. Cloudberries only grow in swamp areas and that's another reason to give these unique berries a try. Unfortunately they were not ripe enough when we got there - sad.

observation tower in bog

At the end of the boardwalk, there's a platform and an observation tower for bird enthusiasts or just to enjoy a great view. I wish to go back there during a sunset or sunrise or when it is very foggy, I bet it would look mystical 🙂

swimming in bog pools

Have you ever swam in a bog pool before? No? You have to! Put this in your bucket list, you can't have the same experience elsewhere!

On top layer of the pool, water was as warm as in real pool at spa and I'm not even kidding. Water was so clean and refreshing which was a perfect ending for a long hike 🙂


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