Potato bowl

Here is a potato bowl we made the other day for picnic. It's so easy to make and you can throw in whatever you wish . For this one we oven roasted potatoes( in order to make crispy potatoes, soak them in cold water after cutting - at least 15 min). Then sprinkle with your favorite seasoning. We usually just go for salt, pepper, paprika, and some kind of herbs for flavoring. Final step is to lay them onto the tray, pop into the oven and cook until they look crispy(takes about 30-40 minutes on 200 °C , depends on how big slices you have).

In other tray we cooked chickpeas which we just drained and rinsed. Then again seasoning(salt, paprika, curry or whatever you prefer), mix well and bake them along with the potatoes. After about 15 minutes you can add tomato halves to your chickpeas to give them sweet, roasty taste.

When everything is cooked, let them cool a bit, otherwise your fresh ingredients might get hurt! 🙁

We served them with spiralized cucumber and some green salad. For dressing you can use guacamole, hummus, apple cider vinegar or just lime juice. 

* We don't use any oil in everyday cooking. We just used parchment paper and it worked just fine!


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