What we ate today #1


For breakfast, we settled for rice porridge. We love this porridge. Rice flake porridge, it even sounds great, not to mention looks great! We used unsweetened rice milk for this one, but I would never say no to almond or soy milk. If we're out of milk-alternatives, then we opt for water.

For some sweetness and flavor, I ground two dark chocolate squares in each of the bowls. Chocolate had whole hazelnuts inside which added some crunchiness. And for topping, half of tangerine and pomegranate for each bowl and some leftover dark chocolate dust 😉

Also, one slice - you heard me - one slice of banana for garnish!


For da lunch, we had one...two, three...eight!! avocado breads topped with a slice of yellow paprika and tomato. I like to season my avocado mash with little bit of salt, black pepper with roasted garlic and lime or lemon.

On the picture you can also see two glasses of green smoothies. Banana-cucumber-dates-spirulina-apple smoothie. So it was 4 dark avo-breads and 0.5l of smoothie per face 🙂

Moving on!


Lovely beetroot balls Recipe here: with whole-grain spaghetti for the dinner! Yvonne made nice and creamy cashew sauce which we mixed with the spaghetti. Parsley on top for some sass!

In between the meals we tend to have a banana or two, pear or any other fruit what we may cross during the day. I sometimes munch on couple of almonds. Also, drinking water before and after the meals to quench the thirst and aid digestion 🙂


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