Easy Beetroot balls

After this recipe, you are able to cook yourself and your whole family very nice, super easy and super delicious Beetroot balls, so don't go anywhere! These balls have falafel-like texture, so they are best served with some kind of sauce. But you can also use them in wraps, pita breads or just serve as a side-dish to mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, buckwheat or whatever floats your boat! To prove this is super-easy to do recipe for even the very starters and newbies is the fact that it has only three ingredients, 3.0 ingredients! The most difficult part is opening a can of chickpeas. 😉


150g almonds

1 can drained chickpeas ( 240g )

500g beetroot, cooked/boiled

seasoning (salt, pepper etc.)

Preheat your oven to 220°. Take your almonds and crush them in food processor, like we did (or use blender instead) and grind it into crunchy almond flour. It doesn't have to be fine grind like a real flour but if you have big chunks, then your beet balls may fall apart easily. Now open a can of chickpeas. I checked the label, the drained weight was 240g so you could use this as a measurement. Also run them through food processor till it becomes mushy-like texture.

Next thing you'd have to grate those beets. We used store bought shredded and pre-cooked beetroots. For next step toss all the ingredients in a big bowl and give them a mash-up with your hands. For seasoning, we used only little bit of salt, pepper and dried thyme, since beets naturally are sweet and very flavorful. Less is more! Then form them into beetroot spheres and place 'em on a cooking tray and pop that thing into oven! Cook about 30-45 min depends on the size of your beetballs, so keep your eye on them 🙂 ! If they are ready let them cool a bit and then enjoy!




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