Making nut butters is super easy, it only takes a little patience and of course they are much more healthier because you can do it completely without extra added sugars, fats etc.

Today we made almond butter but you can use whatever nut u like!

* Take 2 cups of amonds and place them onto the baking tray. You want to toast them to release the olis in nuts, making them more tender(that speeds up the blending time). It takes about 10 min.

*  Put  your amonds into the food processor and let it do its thing, from time to time you need to scrape down the edges to help blending. This process time depends on your food processor(haha, we have really old but sturdy one, and thats why it took about 20 minutes, but its totally worth the time). 

* When your butter is completely smooth you can add some flavourings, we usually do it with cinnamon, vanilla and little pinch of himalayan salt, but of course you can leave them out or add anything you like(cacao, sweeteners, vanilla, salt, pumpkin spice etc). Mix it with spices and put it into airtight container. Store it in fridge.





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